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Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans

Tubeaxial Fans

Tubeaxial fans include belt driven axial, short cased & long case, direct driven fan arrangements in sizes from 12" to over 84" DIA. The bifurcated fan arrangements is available for higher temperature, corrosive or explosive duties where the fan motor has to be isolated from the airstream. Recalculating axial fans (RCA), are specified for such applications as ovens and kilns at temperatures up to 1000° F. Smoke and fume extract high temperature emergency ventilation axial fans are an economical proposal for fume and smoke extraction up to 800° F.

· Fan wheel sizes from 12 inches up to 84 inches
· Volume flow from 500 CFM up to 300,000 CFM
· Pressure from 1/4" WG mm up to 15" WG

In order to select the fan that meet your requirement:

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