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Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans

Air Curtains

We are pleased to introduce a new line of Air Curtains with an modern design that offers an optimum combination of low noise level, sufficient air flow and minimal turbulence.

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Aair curtain are specially designed to prevent the loss of cool air and the entry of hot contaminated air. These ventilation products can be used to meet a number of requirements :

* To prevent warm air infiltration in cold shops.
* To keep out fumes, dust and insects, maintaining a clean environment.

Air Curtains features

* Corrosion-proof casting in hot dip galvanized, powder coated sheet steel
* Compact design to allow for easy positioning
* Easy installation with cord and plug attached.

Technical Data

* Available Air-Curtain sizes from 3 ft to 18 ft.
* Air velocities from 10 to 30 m/sec for different air curtain models.
* Effected up to 20 feet height door.

Industrial air curtians

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