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Our fan / blower experience allows us to offer varios services aimed to:

1. Reducing energy consumptions
2. Reducing energy costs
3. Reducing fan operating costs
4. Optimizing plants reliability
5. Increasing plants life time

They can be summarized as:

* Planning Assistance

Our sales team and consulting technicians are always at your reach anytime, anywhere. Our team assists you in finding a suitable solution for you. We deal with every aspect of your project such as: space availability, cost factors, individual fan specifications.

* Customer Specific Development

Our custom-engineered ventilator products are designed to provide each customer with a project that meets customer's individual needs. We always focus on the specific needs of our clients. Our products meet gas flow, pressure, temperature, leak integrity, and ventilator configuration requirements.

* Factory Test Service

If desired we will test the performance parameters of your fans according to major International standards and guidelines.

* Warranty Services

All our fan products have 12 months warranty that can be extended with a maintenance contract service agreement

* Maintenance Services

We are able to operate on new and existing plants providing revision services, preventative maintenance, routine maintenance.


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