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Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans

Cabinet Blowers and Fans

Cabinet fans are used for air extraction, filtration ventilation systems and air conditioning equipment where it is necessary to have low fan noise levels. They are suitable for commercial and industrial ventilating applications. The low noise level is ensured by the acoustic material that cover the ventilator. These packaged fans are suited to ventilation and air conveying  forr up to a maximum temperature of 120º F. The low noise level and low to medium static pressures make these fans ideal for ventilation areas with limited space like offices, small shops, commercial and residential ventilation systyems installations.

• Volume air flow from 50 CFM up to 5000 CFM
• Static pressure from 1/8" WG up to 4" WG
• Temperature: up to 500º F
• Driven arrangement – direct drive, V-belt drive fans
• Construction Materials : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum / Galvanized Steel

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