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Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans

Direct Drive / Belt Drive Axial Fans

We manufacture direct drive axial fans and belt driven in-line axial fans. All the fans components and materials used in construction and assembly are of the highest quality to ensure many years of reliable fan operation. Axial fans are suitable for large quantities of air at low pressures while producing low noise. Compared with centrifugal fans the axial ventilators have the following advantages

• More economical.
• Reduced space requirements.
• Shorter ducts, thus lowering the cost of the system.
• Flexible fan mounting arrangements: Wall / Duct / Panel / Roof.
• Both round and square inlet / outlet fan connection flanges available.

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Vaneaxial and tubeaxial direct and belt drive fans

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Heavy duty and custom built Canadian Blower - Chicago Blower fans; Buffalo Blower - New York industrial ventilators; air handling units; high pressure blowers - centrifugal and axial fan ventilators. Industrial suppliers for pneumatic conveying blowers, corrugated materal handling fans, radial wheel blowers, high pressure radial ventilators, paper trim handling fans, industrial combustion OEM blowers, high pressure blowers in series, dryer fans, paint booth ventilators, roof exhaust ventilators, huge fans, high RPM blowers, high speed centrifugal blowers, Twin City utility sets, ventilating sets, high CFM ventilators, large wheel ventilators, narrow pressure blowers, all stainless steel ventilators,metal conveying fans. Industrial fans and blower fans provide efficient high volume ventilation in the home through air and gas. Every environment needs a large amount of air to refresh and replace the polluted air which may cause the human and materials destruction in the home. Normally, these fans are used in the industries and companies for drying and cooling applications. Most agricultural, food processing, mining and construction, chemicals, medical, oil and gas, and automotive industries cannot do without these fans as they form major part of their often used equipments. This is because they are decreasing heat levels at industrial units operations, shrink moisture in bathrooms, greenhouses, gyms and spas. Blower fans and industrial fans also decrease smoke and odors in cooking and processing applications and to reduce gaseous fumes.
 Air King Industrial Ceiling Fans: one of the distinct features of these fans is their high-speed blades which might be 56 inches extended. Backwardly inclined (BI) fan blowers and aerofoil (AF), acoustafoil (AcF), or aerocline fan blowers from New York; with high temperature construction, low leakage, 87 % efficiency, stainless steel SS316, SS316L, SS304, aluminum construction, spark resistant construction, monel construction. Supply of replacement bacward inclined (BI) fan blowers and airfoil (AF), or acoustafoil (AcF), or Aerocline fan blower parts for backward inclined bi fan blowers manufactured by Buffalo Blower / New York Blower, Twin City Fan, Northern Blower, Chicago Blower, Sheldons, Cincinnati Fan, Hartzell, IAP, Industrial air products, Canadian blower, Howden Buffalo, Penn Ventilation, Penn-Barry, Barry Blower, ACME, Aerovent, Alphair, American Fan, Lau Industries, Clarage, Delhi, Canarm, Leader Fan, Daltec, ABB, Flakt, Flaktwoods, Woods, MK Plastics, Robinson Industrial, Garden City Fan, Loren Cook, Jen-air, Jenn Fan, Aeroflo, Grainger, Greenheck, Kice Fan, ILG Industries, Canada Fan, Industrial Air, Ceilcote, Breidert; high pressure and high temperature pressure blowers.